The Sterling Singers

The Sterling Singers is a non-profit, non-denominational choir established in 1994 by Sterling Brimley. The Salt Lake City based choir has flourished and grown under the direction of many great conductors, wonderful accompanists, and talented singers who enjoy sharing their skills and love of music with the community.

Love. Sing. Community.

The Sterling Singers perform locally, creating a community that have a love and passion for traditional and non-traditional choral music. Venues performed include the Salt Lake Tabernacle, Assembly Hall, Abravanel Hall, Granite Tabernacle, Bountiful Regional Center, Libby Gardner Concert Hall at the University of Utah, and others.

Testify & Inspire

The Sterling Singers is a community choir whose primary mission is to testify of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through music, and inspire its audiences to follow His teachings. It’s repertoire includes the works of the Masters as well as the timeless music of contemporary composers.

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