Sterling Brimley
Founder of the Sterling Singers

In 1994, while performing in “Oklahoma” at the Hale Centre Theater in Salt Lake City, Sterling organized a group of excellent singers from the show’s chorus into a 30-voice ensemble. A couple of years later, Sterling discovered the genius and gifts of director Kelly DeHaan, which were the final ingredients needed to mold a wonderful community choir into a 300-voice blessing. 

Mr. Brimley has been involved in film making with his brother, Wilford Brimley, as well as many plays locally. 

Mr. Brimley learned about charm, strength and beauty of an excellent choir from his mother at an early age.  He is a self-taught singer and guitarist, and also a right-handed tennis player! Mr. Brimley is married to Joyce Brimley who brings calmness and peace to his life.


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