Concert and Choirside Dress Code: CONCERT BLACK


  • Black Sterling Singers Concert Top (CLICK HERE to order)
  • Black, floor length skirt
  • Black pantyhose
  • Black, closed toe, dress shoes (no flip flops)
  • Concert Jewelry (CLICK HERE to order)
  • Make-up: stage production quality


  • Black suit
  • Black bow-tie
  • Black shoes and socks
  • White, long sleeve shirt with regular/standard collar

Please DO NOT wear tuxedo shirts or jackets


  • Wear perfume, aftershave, or cologne
  • Use scented lotions, soaps, or oils
  • Chew gum
  • Drink water on stage
  • Use fan during performance
  • Lick you fingers to turn your pages
  • Look at solo artists
  • Applaud conductor(s), instrumentalists (s), or guest artists(s)
  • Wave/Signal to audience
  • Use your cell phone while on stage. Turn it COMPLETELY off and not just on vibrate
  • Take pictures
  • Talk while on stage


  • Place music in black folder or binder
  • If using a tablet, keep it in a black folder or binder
  • Mark ALL rehearsal notes in your music

In order to perform, in addition to the above concert attire, it is adjuratory that we have a signed copy of the Performance Agreement on file.

CLICK HERE for Concert Protocol PDF