Sterling Singer Choir Policy

To promote the highest quality of musical expression and harmony, and satisfy the legal requirements of various venues, the below have been adopted. Everyone interested in performing with the Sterling Singers is to review the items below and return a signed copy of the Performance Agreement to the managing director. Thank you and welcome to the Sterling Singers.

  • The only prerequisite to sing with Sterling Singers is that you be an “exceptional, experienced choral singer.”
  • Please check your emails weekly, including while on rehearsal break, and notify us immediately of an email address change.
  • Check your attendance at every rehearsal. If the Attendance Roster is not forwarded to you during the rehearsal, please check your attendance after the rehearsal in the cultural hall. The roster is also available to check BEFORE rehearsal until five minutes of starting time.
  • Please sit in your respective sections, by height, as directed by your section leaders.
  • Please avoid unnecessary talking during rehearsal times, especially when conductor is giving instructions, and do not ask questions or interrupt conductor’s momentum.
  • Musical interpretation is the sole domain of the conductor.
  • Please refrain from criticizing choir members, conductor, musicians, board members, volunteers and management. Meritorious issues should be addressed to the managing director only at [email protected].
  • It is very important to make conductor’s notations in your music. Rehearsal notes will be posted on the website under each respective program, as soon as possible. Please use these tools to complete notations you may have missed.

  • Sing with GREAT DICTION – long vowels and distinct consonants. Practice singing with a British accent. You will not oversing.
  • Every singer is expected to learn and master the music. DO NOT solely rely on rehearsal time and utilize the Rehearsal Tracks and Notes on the website.
  • FIRST SOPRANOS must audition to determine appropriate placement.
  • SECOND SOPRANOS are requested not to strain for notes beyond their upper range limit; AND instead lip-synch notes above a high “G” (or lower, if necessary).
  • Carefully listen to each other to assure blending with other singers and create a homogenous choir sound. Only use vibrato when requested by conductor. If you do not hear the singers around you, you are not blending and singing too loud!
  • Although all performances are voluntary, we do expect our singers to participate in all concerts and Choirsides, and are invited to join the scheduled sacrament meetings as often as possible.
  • Please turn off all cell phones during rehearsal!
  • 80% rehearsal attendance is required to perform in a concert, which is usually three (3) rehearsal misses.
  • Please wear appropriate church attire to all rehearsals to maintain the proper respect in the chapel.
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